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what is gatb?

When I sit and think about what I do as an artist, I think about the deeply profound and moving performances I have seen or experienced. There are pretty much three places in which I have had these experiences; in church, at the theatre, or in a jazz club. What I began to think recently was, what if someone took these deeply profound and moving works of art that live on the stage, and molded them together with a deeply moving set of chord progressions, or colors if you will, that live within a certain genre of music. That is what has brought me to this point. Sitting in a practice room sometimes alone, often times with my co-arranger, Sujin Kim Ramsey, singing through a piece of music from the musical theatre repertoire, and changing this chord and that rhythm. This leaves us both dumbfounded at the fact that music has provided us with all of these different colors to paint with and truly impact a person in a 2 to 5 minute time span. The Gospel according to Broadway, or GATB, is an exploration of those experiences. It is a journey in painting and changing colors in musical theatre, to open the door of this world to those that may feel there is no entrance for them, based on their race, or body type, or set of beliefs. At its core, GATB is an attempt to further break down those walls and barriers that still exist in a world that claims to be all-inclusive. I hope that you are profoundly moved with each episode, and opened more to a different sound, or color that you might have never heard before.


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creator/executive producer

Brandon Michael Nase


executive producer

Dimitri Moïse 



Sujin Kim-Ramsey


sound engineer

Mark Rufino


graphic design

Eric Vasquez



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